Every lawyer deserves to be the best advocate they can be. 

We are looking for people with these key characteristics:

1. Innovative - Are you forward-thinking? Creative? A good problem-solver?

2. Reliable - Our team are all self-employed, independent, and work from home. Can you manage your time and work effectively to ensure you meet all your deadlines? 

3. Collaborative -Do you work well in a team? Do you have strong written and verbal communication skills?

When you join the Advocacy Coaching International teams, you are signing up to transform the world of advocacy training. 

Many lawyers find it hard to develop their advocacy skills and techniques because opportunities for developing advocacy techniques are few and far between. We all know that advocacy is a life-long learning process therefore high quality advocacy training is essential. 

We exist because no lawyer should have to worry whether their advocacy is good enough before a trial. Our online courses, coaching, and podcasts teach both basic and advanced advocacy techniques in innovative and accessible methods so our clients will thrive and succeed in the courtroom. 

If you want to join our mission, apply for one of the roles advertised below.